Polish scholarships are waiting for German scientists

German scientists

Outstanding German scholars who wish to conduct research in Poland can apply for Alexander von Humboldt Scholarship. Polish researchers are invited to register German candidates for the scholarship until September 30.

Alexander von Humboldt Polish Honorary Research Scholarship is the equivalent of "Humboldt- Forschungspreis", prestigious award granted by the well-known Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung of Germany to eminent foreign scholars.


The scholarship is awarded by the Foundation for Polish Science to eminent German scholars with the highest qualifications and a significant contribution to global research, in recognition of their research achievements, in order to permit them to conduct scientific research at a selected institution in Poland.


Candidates for the competition can be proposed by Polish scientists . Applications submitted directly by German scientists are not accepted. The scholarship is be awarded for the period of three to six months and used within three years from the grant date. The current amount is equivalent to four thousand euros per month .


Polish research unit proposing the candidate should provide appropriate facilities for their candidate to carry out the intended research project, access to laboratories and necessary research materials, as well as the relevant archives and libraries.


The Foundation for Polish Science will cover travel expenses for the winner and his or her spouse, if the spouse stays with the recipient during the scholarship period for at least three months .


The scholarship is awarded on the basis of the 1995 agreement between the Foundation for Polish Science and the Humboldt Foundation. As a result of this contract, the Foundation for Polish Science joined similar organisations from 19 countries with analogous partnership agreements on mutual awarding of these distinctions to outstanding scholars.


Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859), a German naturalist, traveller and geographer, worked together with many Poles and was an honorary member of the Society of Friends of Sciences in Warsaw and the first promoter of Adam Mickiewicz’s poetry in Germany.


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Source: PAP - Science and Scholarship in Poland

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