University of Warsaw: Polish university in the Times Higher Education ranking

Top 400 universities, compiled in the latest ranking of the British magazine Times Higher Education, there was only one in Poland - the University of Warsaw. The university took place in the first half of the fourth hundred.

Top ranking positions were dominated by American universities. There were as many as fifteen in the top twenty. California Institute of Technology (Caltech) took the first place, and Harvard University was second.

In Europe, British universities are leading: Oxford (3rd place in the world), Cambridge (7th place) , and Imperial College London (10th place).

The ranking takes into account factors including the learning environment (made 30 percent overall score), research - meaning and opinion of them (30 percent) , citing (30 percent) , university importance in the international community (7.5 percent) and innovation and collaboration with industry (2.5 percent).

The only Polish university in the ranking was the University of Warsaw, which took place in the group with the numbers 301-350 (low positions in the ranking are listed in groups, without assigning an exact number in the ranking) . UW had the highest score in the category of citations (71/100 pts.), lower scores in the categories of importance in the international community (43 pts.), income from industry (28 pts.) , education (almost 19/100) , and the worst - research (14 pts.) . UW has advanced since the last year's ranking, it was previously ranked at the end of fourth hundred.

In the previous year, Jagiellonian University was also ranked among the last fifty universities . This year, the Kraków university was no longer included.

According to the ranking authors, the methodology was developed five years ago. The ranking analysed 50 million citations by six million articles. The authors also take into account - as of 2010 - surveys of 60 thousand respondents.

Times Higher Education ranking

Source: PAP - Science and Scholarship in Poland

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