Getting started – help for winter sports newbies


Everybody has to start somewhere and mostly getting started is the hardest part. But it doesn’t have to be. Beginners should start getting ready even before their holiday begins:

The right choice

Choosing the ideal ski area is a key factor, because the right choice will reward you with a lot of fun. What factors should be taken into account when choosing a ski resort? Our recommendations are small areas with easy slopes and to avoid school holidays, if possible.

You never stop learning

Taking ski or snowboard lessons will help you get the most out of your ski holiday. Qualified instructors take good care of beginners.


A long day on skies is exhausting. Those who want to avoid stiffness should try to stay in shape. Strength, endurance and agility are required. A good workout to prepare yourself, according to the German Ski Association, can be done by going Nordic walking, jogging, inline skating, cycling or doing ski gymnastics. You can also make a stab at skiing in a ski hall.

Clothes make the man

The appropriate ski clothing keeps you warm and dry. Ski jacket and pants’ material should have a 5,000 mm water column at least (indication of the waterproofness). Waterproof, according to the European law EN343, is a water column of no less than 1,300 mm. Layered clothing is always a good idea when going skiing.

Rent or buy?

Beginners and occasional riders benefit from rental equipment. If you are not a passionate skier, rental charges are lower than the purchase price. In nearly all resorts there are competent place where all required equipment can be rented, such as skis, boots or helmets. To find the right equipment, beginners should take their time.

Once arrived at the resort, beginners should always consider:

Set of rules

On the pistes there are the 10 FIS rules one should follow. Read through them carefully beforehand and try to remember them.


It is quiet useful to have a map to keep the orientation on the pistes. Very important is also to know the piste markings: blue stands for easy pistes, red for intermediate and black pistes should be avoided by beginners.


Skiers and snowboarders have two enemies: injuries and the sun. Protection is crucial.  A helmet is indispensable, it must be comfortable, but also sit tight and fit with the goggles. A back protector is recommendable too. Additionally, one should always have sun blocker handy with a sun protection factor of no less than 30.

Take a break

Especially beginners should not exceed their strength. That is the reason why newbies should start the day well rested and with some warm-up exercises, make regular breaks and drink a lot. When feeling tired and exhausted, it is best to end the day on the piste.

And the most important rule for beginners: remember to have fun! Then the holiday can only be a success.

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