More than 1,000 Ministry of Science scholarships for students


Minister of Science and Higher Education in Poland Prof. Lena Kolarska-Bobińska awarded scholarships for outstanding achievements for the academic year 2013/2014 to 934 outstanding undergraduate and 84 graduate students.

The amount of the scholarship is PLN 14 thousand for students and PLN 22 thousand for doctoral students. Scholarships will be paid in one instalment by the university.

In this edition of the programme, rectors submitted more than 3.7 thousand applications for Minister's scholarship for outstanding achievements, including more than 3 thousand requests of undergraduate students and more than 700 of graduate students.

Applications were evaluated were scored, and their assessment was entrusted to a team of experts representing various areas of science and art. Scores were awarded for individual scientific, artistic or sports achievements, and grade average. Scholarships were awarded to undergraduate students with a score of at least 35.75 points and graduate students with a score of at least 61 points.

Universities have receive lists of undergraduate and graduate students who have received scholarships. The lists are also available on the Ministry website.

Source: PAP - Science and Scholarship in Poland

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