Kids travel to Malta to learn English under the sun

Parents, the dreaded school holidays are almost upon us. The endless battle with your teenager to ‘get away from that computer and do something constructive!’ is about to begin. Or maybe not…

Studies have found that kids who travel show improved performance and higher grades than those that stay at home.
Sending your teenager off to study a language course abroad can be very beneficial for them; it will improve their self-confidence along with both their intellectual and personal maturity.

Exposure to new perspectives and ideas about the world will encourage them to become more culturally aware and give them a sense of independence and responsibility whilst being in a safe environment.

Malta is the perfect place to go on a language learning adventure. A native English speaking island in the heart of the Mediterranean makes for a great location to learn whilst having a fantastic time enjoying sandy beaches, warm weather, making lots of friends and gaining unforgettable experiences and memories along the way!

Some time each day will be spent learning vocabulary, grammar and improving general communication skills but don't worry, the whole day won't be spent cooped up in a classroom!
The Active Language Learning technique Maltalingua - School of English uses means students get the chance to practice what's been learnt out in the 'real world' by doing fun activities and getting to explore at the same time!

The idea is that by actively practising the language in real life situations confidence will be strengthened and students will pick up the language quicker…makes sense right?

The high quality courses taught by academically certified native teachers go far beyond just lessons. The kids have the opportunity to go on excursions and do activities such as canoeing, snorkelling, sailing, windsurfing or simply spend time with their new friends from all over the world during afternoons. All fully supervised of course by energetic group leaders.

So, this is why I believe that going to Malta on a language journey is definitely the best choice for your teen these holidays. Don't you agree? Check out the school's website.

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