Ireland - first cycle programmes

The flag of Ireland is a vertical tricolour of green, white and orange
Country: Ireland
Population (mln): 4,48
Official language/s: English
Time zone: UTC+0 Winter, UTC+1 Summer
Internet TLD: .ie
Calling code: +353
Member of the EU from: 1st January 1973
Unemployment rate Sep 2011 (%): 14,6
Unemployment rate under 25 years Sep 2011 (%): 29
Unemployment rate Sep 2012 (%): 14,8
Unemployment rate under 25 years Sep 2012 (%): 30,2
Population statistics 20-29 age group 2011 (%): 15,2
Country codes in education system: IE
Expected duration of education (years): 17,3

The main stage of higher education leads to a Bachelor's Degree, which may, in certain cases, also be a professional qualification (Professional Degree). The length of study generally varies between three and four years. The Bachelor's Degree may be awarded as a General Degree, an Honours Degree and a BA (Special) Degree. In Veterinary Medicine, Architecture and Dentistry studies last for five years. Medicine takes six years.

Source: Eurydice,
Eurypedia - The European Encyclopedia on National Education Systems , Eurosta,, Agency for Science and Higher Education Croatia, Department of Education and Skills Irelan,  Ministry of Education and Culture - FINLAND
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