Netherlands - first cycle programmes

The flag of the Netherlands is a horizontal tricolour of red, white and blue
Country: Netherlands
Population (mln): 16,66
Official language/s: Dutch, Frisian
Time zone: UTC+1 Winter, UTC+2 Summer
Internet TLD: .nl
Calling code: +31
Member of the EU from: 25th March 1957
Unemployment rate Sep 2011 (%): 4,5
Unemployment rate under 25 years Sep 2011 (%): 8,0
Unemployment rate Sep 2012 (%): 5.4
Unemployment rate under 25 years Sep 2012 (%): 9.7
Population statistics 20-29 age group 2011 (%): 12,1
Country codes in education system: NL
Expected duration of education (years): 35,8

The focus of degree programmes (research-oriented, WO or the applied arts and sciences, HBO) determines both the number of ECTS credits required to complete the programme and the degree which is awarded. A WO bachelor's programme requires the completion of 180 credits (3 years) and graduates obtain the degree Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science (BA/BSc), depending on the discipline.

The WO bachelor's programme provides a thorough introduction to the major discipline and primarily prepares students for admission to graduate education. An HBO bachelor's programme requires the completion of 240 credits (4 years) and graduates obtain a degree indicating the field of study. The HBO titles in use before the higher education system was restructured (bc., ing.) may still be used. A major component of every HBO programme is the stage (internship), typically offered in the third year, as well as a scriptie or major paper in the last year.

Source: Eurydice,
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