Lithuania - first cycle programmes

The flag of Lithuania consists of a horizontal tricolor of yellow, green and red
Country: Lithuania
Population (mln): 3,24
Official language/s: Lithuanian
Time zone: UTC+1 Winter, UTC+2 Summer
Internet TLD: .lt
Calling code: +370
Member of the EU from: 1st May 2004
Unemployment rate Sep 2011 (%): 17.0
Unemployment rate under 25 years Sep 2011 (%): 31.8
Unemployment rate Sep 2012 (%): 14.1
Unemployment rate under 25 years Sep 2012 (%): 31.9
Population statistics 20-29 age group 2011 (%): 15,3
Country codes in education system: LT
Expected duration of education (years): 18

Studies last from 4 to 5.5 years (140 to 180 national credits). To be admitted, students should hold a Maturity Certificate (Brandos Atestatas) or a comparable qualification.

Undergraduate programmes comply to the guidelines approved by the Ministry of Education and Science. They establish all the general requirements of a programme including the basic qualification requirements for the academic and professional staff. The first cycle leads to the Bachelor (Bakalauras) degree and/or a professional qualification (profesinė kvalifikacija). The qualification obtained (Bakalauro diplomas or Aukštojo mokslo diplomas) gives the right to enter the university second cycle.

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