Croatia - first cycle programmes

Croatian Flag combines the colours of the flags of the Kingdom of Croatia (red and white), the Kingdom of Slavonia (white and blue) and the Kingdom of Dalmatia (red and blue)
Country: Croatia
Population (mln): 4,29
Official language/s: Croatian
Time zone: UTC+1 Winter, UTC+2 Summer
Internet TLD: .hr
Calling code: +385
Unemployment rate Sep 2011 (%): N/A
Unemployment rate under 25 years Sep 2011 (%): N/A
Unemployment rate Sep 2012 (%): N/A
Unemployment rate under 25 years Sep 2012 (%): N/A
Population statistics 20-29 age group 2011 (%): 13,4
Country codes in education system: HR
Expected duration of education (years): 15,3

Universities offer three to four-year courses at undergraduate level leading to a degree after accumulating 180 ECTS credits which qualifies students for specialized, artistic or scientific work. They can continue their studies at university or in non-university institutions or enter the labour market.

Source: Eurydice,
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