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Portugal - Master's studies

The flag of Portugal
Country: Portugal
Population (mln): 10,66
Official language/s: Portuguese
Time zone: UTC+1 Winter, UTC+2 Summer
Internet TLD: .pt
Calling code: +351
Member of the EU from: 1st Jan 1986r
Unemployment rate Sep 2011 (%): 13.1
Unemployment rate under 25 years Sep 2011 (%): 31.4
Unemployment rate Sep 2012 (%): 16.2
Unemployment rate under 25 years Sep 2012 (%): 38.9
Population statistics 20-29 age group 2011 (%): 12,8
Country codes in education system: PT
Expected duration of education (years): 18,8

As from the publication of the law 49/2005: The Mestre is awarded after a period of study of three to four semesters, corresponding to 90 to 120 credits. The Mestre can also be awarded after 10 to 12 semesters, corresponding to 300 to 360 credits for professions that are subject to EU regulations regarding their duration. Before the publication of the law 49/2005: The Mestre was an advanced degree in a specific scientific field, indicating capacity for conducting practical research. Courses usually lasted for 4 semesters and included attendance at lectures and the preparation and discussion of an original dissertation. It was only open to those who had obtained 14 out of 20 in the Licenciado or a legally equivalent course. Those who had obtained a mark below 14 could also be eligible for a Mestrado course after analysis of the curriculum by the competent academic bodies.

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