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Country: Austria
Beginning of the academic year: 1 October 2013
Teaching activities and holiday periods: The academic year consists of the winter semester, the summer semester and the periods during which courses are not held (so-called ‘lecture-free’ time; § 2 (1) Hochschul-Zeitverordnung). The study commission may state that - due to organisational reasons - studies, examinations and traineeship (Praktikum) have to take place also during the lecture- free time (see § 3 (2) Hochschul- Zeitverordnung)
Examinations: Examinations and traineeship (Praktikum) have to take place generally during the winter semester or during the summer semester. Necessary examinations may also be arranged during the lecture-free time (on decision of the respective study commission; see § 3 (2) Hochschul- Zeitverordnung).
End of the academic year: 30 September 2014

Public holidays:
Christmas: about 2 weeks,
semester holidays: 1 week,
Easter (Saturday before Palm Sunday until Tuesday after Easter); summer holidays (1 July-30 September 2014).

There is a certain amount of autonomy in deciding upon the lecture-free time (For example: semester holidays may be the 1st; 2nd or 3rd week of February; set by the respective study commission.

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