Belgium - Flemish Community - all types

Country: Belgium
Type of programme: all types
Beginning of the academic year: At the earliest 1 September and at the latest 1 October. Occurs generally between 15 September and 1 October.
Teaching activities and holiday periods: From the beginning of the academic year until 20 December
Examinations: 3-4 weeks in January
End of the academic year: The day before the start of the new academic year. For most students the academic year ends de facto after the last examination.

Public holidays:

1 and 2 November 2013 (All Saints' Day)
11 November 2013 (Armistice Day)
21 April 2014 (Easter Monday)
1 May 2014 (Labour Day)
29-30 May 2014 (Ascension Day)
9 June 2014 (Whit Monday)
21 July 2014 (National Holiday)
15 August 2014 (Assumption Day)

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Source: Eurydice Facts and Figures
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