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Country: Belgium
Type of programme: all types
Beginning of the academic year: The academic year is a one-year period beginning on 15 September. However, the academic authorities fix annually the beginning and end of each four-month term. In practice, teaching activities begin around 15 September in most institutions. In order to encourage student and staff mobility within the French Community, the government may lay down further conditions when determining this academic calendar. (Relative) institutional autonomy.
Teaching activities and holiday periods: The academic authorities fix annually the beginning and end of each four-month term. For purposes of curricular organisation, each of the three four-month terms includes assessment and holiday periods. Institutional autonomy
Examinations: Curricular activities leading to an academic qualification in the first or second cycle are spread over the first two four-month terms in the academic year (with the exception of certain forms of assessment or professional integration activity). Each of these first two terms involves at least 12 weeks of activity and may not exceed four months. A period of assessment occurs at the end of each term. The third term includes assessment periods (as well as professional integration or personal project activity). Institutional autonomy
End of the academic year: No precise date. The academic year generally terminates on the day the new academic year begins. In legislation concerned with staff status, the academic year terminates on 30 September. Institutional autonomy

Public holidays:

Legal public holidays for the 2012/13 academic year are:
27 September 2013 (Festival of the French Community)
1 November 2013 (All Saints' Day)
11 November 2013 (1918 Armistice Day)
21 April 2014 (Easter)
1 May 2014 (Labour Day)
29 May 2014 (Ascension Day)
9 June 2014 (Pentecost)

The academic authorities or higher education providers may fix 5 other days on which work ceases at their own institution(s). There is no possible time in exchange of public holidays falling on a Saturday or a Sunday.

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