Cyprus - Non-university level

Country: Cyprus
Type of programme: Non-university level
Beginning of the academic year: 2 September 2013
Teaching activities and holiday periods: First academic semester: It is compulsory that classes start in September or within the first two weeks of October and continue until the end of December or mid January.
Second academic semester: It is compulsory that classes start within the last two weeks of January or within the first fortnight of February and finish in the end of May or beginning of June.
Summer session (Intensive courses): Starts mid-June and lasts for 7 to 9 weeks.

Vacation periods occur at the end of the autumn semester for Christmas, and before the end of the spring semester for Easter. Please note that vacation periods may slightly vary depending on the institution.
Examinations: Final examinations' periods and schedule are set by institutions, whereas, midterm examinations may be set by faculty and students jointly. Only final examination periods appear on the academic calendar and these occur at the end of each semester (15th week of teaching activity) and at the end of the summer session (9th week of teaching activity).
End of the academic year: 31 August 2014

Public holidays:

1 October 2013
28 October 2013
23-26 December 2013 (Christmas Holidays)
6 January 2014
3 March 2014
25 March 2014
1 April 2014
18 April 2014
21 April 2014
1 May 2014
9 June 2014

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