Denmark - ISCED 5A and 6

Country: Denmark
Type of programme: Universities
Beginning of the academic year: The universities are autonomous. The academic year at long-cycle higher education institutions (universities) is normally divided into two semesters and begins typically:
1)Early September (autumn semester)
2)Early February (spring semester)
Teaching activities and holiday periods: The universities fix all periods of teaching activities and holidays themselves. The typical duration of teaching activities is:
1) Early September - mid-December
2) Early February - mid-May
Examinations: The universities fix the dates of examinations autonomously, but generally the period of examinations are:

Fall Semester: typically December and two-three weeks in January

Spring Semester: Mid and end of May and two-three weeks in June Re-examinations are mainly placed in August before the start of a new academic year.
End of the academic year: The academic year runs from 1 September and ends 31 August, but normally with holidays/periods with no teaching between 30 June and 31 August.

Public holidays:

25 - 26 December 2013
1 January 2014
17 - 21 April 2014
16 May 2014
29 May 2014
9 June 2014

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