France - non-university

Country: France
Type of programme: Non-university level
Beginning of the academic year: Institutional autonomy, although all institutions open at the beginning of September or later in the same month.
Teaching activities and holiday periods: All periods of teaching activity and holiday are fixed by institutions, which however comply with the following calendar: holidays between Christmas and New Year's Day; often one week in February; one or two weeks in April.
Examinations: Examination periods are entirely at the discretion of the managing bodies of institutions.
End of the academic year: No precise date. Institutional autonomy. In practice, the academic year ends after the final examination, in June or at the beginning of July.

The following dates are regarded as public holidays by all institutions:

I November 2013
II November 2013
25 December 2013
1 January 2014
21 April 2014
1 May 2014
8 May 2014
29 May 2014
9 Juin 2014

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