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An EU-backed consortium’s achievements in semiconductor technology gain recognition from the French government.
A nutritional drink can help slow memory loss, cognitive decline and other effects of Alzheimer’s disease, according to an EU-funded study.
How we phrase New Year’s resolutions is key to success, world’s largest, most comprehensive study on the topic claims.
Twelve-thousand-year-old rock art found in the Colombian Amazon is providing EU-funded researchers with insight into early human colonisation in South America and how it shaped the continent’s diverse culture and environment.
Decorative lighting during the holiday season triggers happy chemical in our brain.
Earth will soon be home to more materials made by man than all life, say scientists.
Using novel techniques, EU-backed researchers reconstruct the mass extinction that almost wiped out all species 252 million years ago.
An EU-funded project team received a research grant from an international organisation to apply their bio-inspired desalination solution to farmland in Oman.
In a first, scientists create diamonds at room temperature in a lab within minutes.
Research reveals one attribute that is vital for astronauts who will live and work on the surface of Mars.
New artificial intelligence (AI) system works out enduring and very complex scientific problem about protein structure and behaviour.
Researchers uncover evidence of ancient women hunters.
EU-funded researchers explore the recent developments and potential applications of optical circuits that can be programmed by end users.
NASA estimates the Milky Way contains hundreds of millions of potentially habitable planets.
An EU-funded team studied a common weed to find out why some plants are infected by more viruses than others. They discovered that the answer lies in the plant’s genetic differences.
In early November 2000, the first humans began calling the International Space Station (ISS) their home in space.
EU-backed scientists have used seismic waves called Rayleigh waves to develop a universal scaling law to explain mammalian touch. Their vision? Use this knowledge to revolutionise virtual reality.
Researchers uncover a mysterious organ in the head’s centre.
Research suggests humans are better at remembering the location of high-calorie foods over their healthy alternatives.
Computer monitors brain signals to generate images of thoughts.
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