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Changing our diet could help us live up to 13 years longer, study says.
EU-backed researchers studying the molecular structure of solid-liquid interfaces have discovered unexpectedly high energy storage capability where water meets metal surfaces.
A new study has confirmed the existence of a second asteroid sharing Earth’s orbit around the Sun. The asteroid is expected to remain in a stable orbit for the next 4 000 years.
It’s possible to genetically inherit a love of nature, claim scientists.
How employable are doctorate holders? Do the skills they acquire match the skills needed for employment? How valuable is their degree? An EU-funded survey has the answers.
EU-backed researchers perform extensive experiment to shed light on inequality in the workplace.
EU-backed scientists identify COVID-19 proteins that trigger strokes and heart attacks.
Leading academic journal ‘Nature’ publishes its annual list of 10 people who positively or negatively impacted science.
EU-backed scientists now know how certain proteins could potentially damage the body’s own cells.
Humanoid robot becomes first to perform poetry in public.
EU-backed project delivers fact sheets on the state of play of natural capital accounting (NCA) in 10 European countries.
EU-funded researchers used computer simulation to study the properties of active glassy systems and how they behave under strain.
Scientists create robots that can reproduce on their own.
EU-backed scientists have successfully printed in 3D tiny gas sensors that mimic colour change mechanisms seen on peacocks. The sensors respond optically to traces of gas in homes, work settings and cars.
Mechanical tool use and language skills are linked to the same brain region, says new study.
Researchers looked into short, long and no deadlines to see which one works best.
CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to invest in European talent over the next 5 years to help create his vision of an online world.
Do ordinary citizens believe claims made online about social media and its effects on teen mental health? EU-backed researchers conducted a survey to find out and to see how willing people are to fact-check.
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