Climate Change and Environment

EU-funded researchers present their plan of action for data-driven, collaborative city decision-making.
How are EU-backed researchers working to make heating, cooling and electricity supply in residential buildings cheaper and more environmentally friendly? By developing innovative systems based on heat pumps with natural refrigerants and multiple renewable sources.
EU-backed scientists are using changes in ocean salinity to study the impact of climate change on the global water cycle. What’s different about their technique? They’re not only measuring salinity on the ocean surface but up to a depth of 2 000 m.
An EU initiative is making great strides in developing a decentralised and cost-efficient energy trading platform to create climate-friendly and sustainable urban environments.
A group of experts has identified various barriers to the execution of the ‘energy efficiency first’ principle in energy planning, policymaking and investment decisions throughout Europe.
An international team of researchers has provided detailed data on increasing concentrations of methane in the atmosphere, a potent greenhouse gas (GHG).
Partners of an EU initiative have unveiled a recently assembled full-scale section of a ship’s hull made of composite materials to help reduce energy and maintenance costs.
An outdoor art exhibition displays murals painted on renovated Soviet-era buildings. The paintings’ history is displayed in Estonian and English, highlighting their relevance for both citizens and visitors.
Decisions on how to build back economies after the coronavirus pandemic will impact the global warming trajectory, according to an international team of researchers.
A team of EU-funded researchers has analysed the effects of climate change on air conditioning (AC) use and its inevitable impact on electricity consumption.
A species of jelly resorts to eating its own offspring to thrive in new habitats and cope with food shortages, according to new research.
An EU initiative is encouraging active involvement and collaboration of all members of society for the creation of a circular water economy.
KETBIO, an EU-funded coordination action for facilitating the commercialisation of key enabling biotechnology research, announces the top-ranking European projects.
Once seen as challenging to rehabilitate, Lisbon City Hall is now enjoying energy-efficient refurbishment solutions, thanks to retrofitting measures implemented under an EU initiative.
Partners of an EU-funded initiative are integrating innovative technologies to recover water and minerals of sufficient purity and quality from brine for reuse in various industries.
A group of researchers has found that direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight impairs motor and cognitive performances.
A team of EU-backed researchers has addressed the challenge of skilfully forecasting key meteorological variables and weather extremes over several years.
A team of scientists has identified certain metrics that can be used to detect abrupt variations in the system of sea currents in the Northern Atlantic Ocean.
Combining Earth Observation data with field measurements and computer modelling, ECOPOTENTIAL developed tools to review and forecast the status of ecosystems in a range of Protected Areas across Europe and beyond.
Launched in May 2019, E-SHAPE is an unprecedented flagship initiative that brings together decades of public investment in Environmental Observation as well as rapidly developing cloud capabilities that will significantly boost Europe’s contribution to the Global Earth Observation System of Systems.
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