Food and Natural Resources

An open call issued by an EU-backed project is giving SMEs and other companies the chance to make their bio-based technologies and solutions market-ready.
The newly launched ENRICH in Africa (EiA) Centre kickstarts a wide range of services for African and European incubators and accelerators.
A new paper highlights the opportunities, challenges and policy options related to ecosystem services provided by Europe’s forests.
A new policy brief sends a clear message: biodiversity can only improve if biodiversity-enhancing management on farms starts to benefit farmers economically.
It is not all genetics. A new study sheds light on environmental exposures in our vulnerable early years and how they affect our health.
An EU-funded project has launched the first of two open calls for companies interested in developing bio-based materials. Winners will have access to cutting-edge tech that will help scale up their innovations.
New farming, as well as research and innovation approaches, are needed to overcome the challenges posed by climate change, biodiversity loss and soil degradation. The EU-funded ALL-Ready project is demonstrating how agroecology practices can be adapted across a range of European climates and habitats.
Farmers, policymakers and researchers have joined forces under the EU-funded SUPER-G project to lay the groundwork for sustainable and profitable grassland systems across Europe.
Agroecology projects are taking root across Europe. The EU-funded AE4EU project aims to spread best practices through improved networking and infrastructure.
The EU-funded ECOBREED project brings together partners from Europe, Australia, China and the United States to build a better supply of organic seeds for wheat, potatoes, soy and buckwheat.
Which potato varieties can withstand a changing climate? Field trials in Austria’s main potato growing regions are providing the answer.
An EU-backed initiative has joined forces with other like-minded projects to promote the benefits of agro-biodiversity and develop solutions to more effectively incorporate them into farming practices and policy measures.
A warming world spells trouble for our staple crops. Can scientists breed resistant varieties, or should we update our menus? Plant geneticist Etienne Bucher sorts the wheat from the chaff.
An EU-backed project is calling for innovative solutions to make urban food systems more sustainable.
An EU-backed project is offering external researchers the chance to use top-quality European pig research installations. The second call for proposals is now open.
EU-backed researchers are exploring potential food sources up to 1 000 metres below sea level to decide if they can be sustainably exploited.
A new study looks at 15 Member States’ plans to implement the EU’s new payment schemes aimed at nudging farmers towards sustainable practices.
The textile and food industries are among the most profitable but also environmentally draining. Blockchain architecture addresses the issue via a scalable, flexible platform allowing access to secure product data.
A cutting-edge diagnostic system limits disease spread in modern animal production systems using photonics biosensors, promoting animal and food safety.
Scientists have identified the supergene that makes efficient cross-pollination possible in flowers.
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