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Scientists find that young girls and boys have the same math ability.
Scientists have discovered that silk can withstand space-cold temperatures. Their findings could help develop new materials for low-temperature and high-impact applications.
Bones of an ape that lived nearly 12 million years ago shed light on how humans first stood up.
Landmark study claims the first humans lived in a river valley in present-day Botswana.
In just over 3 minutes, quantum computer solves a complex problem that would take the most powerful supercomputer thousands of years.
Scientists claim we have the ability to regrow cartilage.
Controversial report claims there’s no actual evidence that red meat is unhealthy.
International research team baffled by massive gas planet because it’s not supposed to exist.
Swedish scientist says cannibalism could help mitigate climate change.
Scientists suggest the Scottish lake’s mythical monster might be a giant eel.
Scientists have successfully restored some brain functions of pigs hours after their death.
Jaw discovered in a Tibetan cave sheds light on mysterious ancient humans called Denisovans.
Scientists unearth a new species of dinosaur that evolved bat-like wings to climb trees.
A new study suggests a supernova that exploded millions of years ago greatly influenced our ancestors to walk upright.
An EU initiative has created a hybrid biosensor through the fusion of living and digital technology.
Scientist duo explores some of life’s common worries in an entertaining book backed by scientific evidence.
A new study shows that horses were much more genetically diverse before the onset of modern breeding practices.
New research claims that the Italian genius wasn’t able to finish many projects because of an attention disorder.
New large-scale study finds that spending about 2 hours a week in nature is good for us.
New study says that planting trees is the most effective and cheapest way to fight global warming.
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