Climate Change and Environment

An EU Green Week partner event highlights circular economy-based solutions for a more sustainable aviation industry.
An EU-funded project makes it plain: batteries need to live longer than the Internet of things (IoT) devices they power. A position paper published by the project outlines the key actions to power IoT devices reliably and sustainably.
The Greek island of Tilos places 3rd in EU-sponsored renewable energy production competition and wins a EUR 100 000 cash prize for its innovative energy model.
A new partnership formed by three EU-funded projects is tackling European cities’ traffic congestion problems by shaping their urban airspaces.
How can work on offshore wind turbines be carried out in bad weather? Combining smart software with robotics maintenance can increase wind farm vessel working hours by 35 %, researchers say.
EU-funded researchers say chickpeas, fava beans, lentils and quinoa are ideal crops for cultivation in Europe and could help the shift towards a more nutritional, environmentally friendly and sustainable food system.
EU-backed researchers have developed a solution that can improve crop yields while reducing resource consumption for a more sustainable future.
According to a new study, the world’s plant communities are changing at least as fast today as they did when the planet was coming out of the last ice age about 11 000 years ago.
There’s new hope for patients with large bone defects. Scientists have developed a biomaterial that can help repair bone defects, defying the body’s natural capacity to heal.
EU-backed researchers say a shift in the global distribution of bats due to climate change may be the cause of recent coronavirus disease outbreaks.
A new paper sheds light on the sustainability implications of current sand consumption across the globe and proposes solutions for a more sustainable global sand system.
An EU-funded project has published a report that describes an automated energy trading marketplace and the platform developed to operate it.
An EU-funded study has analysed ways to improve forecasts of extreme rainfall events in the Mediterranean. It found that most occur in autumn in the west and in winter in the east.
A new air pollution abatement system, targeting a vast range of pollutants and contaminants present in the air we breathe, has been devised by the APA project. Multiple pilots across Europe have already confirmed the superiority of this technology to filter-based alternatives.
An EU-backed engineering company has completed construction of a 2 MW floating tidal turbine. Once installed in the Orkney Islands, it will be the world’s most powerful operational tidal turbine.
A brand-new app to help citizens monitor and identify the sources of odour pollution is being offered by the D-NOSES project. The project’s work is a welcome step forward in a field where some have argued that inaction has prevailed for too long.
An EU-backed study has found that remote monitoring using satellites and drones could make nature-based solutions better able to protect communities from devastating natural hazards.
Planting more legumes can provide human nutrition at a lower environmental cost, advise EU-backed researchers.
EU-funded researchers studied the connection between equatorial current fluctuations and changes in oxygen content. They discovered that stronger upper-ocean currents have led to higher oxygen concentrations in the equatorial Atlantic.
The EU-funded EJP SOIL programme was launched with the mission of bringing together researchers to work on climate-smart and sustainable solutions for agricultural soils.
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