Climate Change and Environment

An open call issued by an EU-backed project is giving SMEs and other companies the chance to make their bio-based technologies and solutions market-ready.
From student challenges to 3D-printed copper components for particle accelerators, it’s all in a day’s work for the EU-backed I.FAST project.
A new paper highlights the opportunities, challenges and policy options related to ecosystem services provided by Europe’s forests.
A new policy brief sends a clear message: biodiversity can only improve if biodiversity-enhancing management on farms starts to benefit farmers economically.
An EU-funded project has launched the first of two open calls for companies interested in developing bio-based materials. Winners will have access to cutting-edge tech that will help scale up their innovations.
An EU-funded project reserves berths at two open-water test sites to demonstrate selected prototype wave energy converter (WEC) systems in 2025.
An EU-backed project prepares to test a new hybrid microgrid solution in Spain.
From cars to cans, we are surrounded by the enduring silvery shine of aluminium. We asked metallurgist Casper van der Eijk what makes it worth its weight in gold.
A new study suggests that traffic noise at schools has a negative impact on the development of working memory and attention in primary school students.
An EU-backed project is calling for innovative solutions to make urban food systems more sustainable.
A recently released policy brief takes a look at the assessment of current practices and their importance in the transition towards sustainable extractive industries.
An EU-backed project’s liquid hydrogen (LH2) storage tank has passed key vibration and leakage tests, bringing it one step closer to realising a zero-emission commercial flight.
Successful flight demonstrations show what a detect and avoid (DAA) system on board an uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) can achieve in real-life collision scenarios.
New tool aims to reduce operational costs and improve efficiency of floating offshore wind farms.
The European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) is pooling European resources to place Europe at the head of the global supercomputing race. A CORDIS Projects Info Pack showcases nine projects to promote green computing and technological autonomy in Europe.
An EU-backed project is supporting municipalities in their efforts to provide safe, renewable and low-cost energy to citizens across Europe. The second call for applicants is now open.
When it comes to reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere, Kári Helgason from the CarbFix2 project says there is no single magic solution. While planting trees is important, it must be done in conjunction with other solutions and mitigation efforts.
Seen from above, the world’s greatest rivers can be recognised by their serpentine curves. But how do these shapes form, do they alter over time and does this matter? We turned to our river system expert, Carmelo Juez.
A scorching summer has seen people endure record-breaking temperatures across the globe. We ask climate expert Markus Donat if the sky’s the limit.
An EU-backed project’s innovative approach is making mobile network architectures more efficient and sustainable.
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