Climate Change and Environment

Their pioneering work in complex physical systems has earned German climate modeller Klaus Hasselmann and Italian theoretical physicist Giorgio Parisi the prestigious Nobel Prize in Physics, which they share with US-based climatologist Syukuro Manabe.
A new study published in ‘Nature Climate Change’ and supported by the EU-funded TiPES project has highlighted how the Atlantic current system – of which the Gulf Stream is a part – appears to be showing clear signs of instability and potential collapse. If this happened, it would have a major cooling effect on Europe’s climate.
An EU-funded team’s novel precision aquaculture technology helps farmers predict water quality events that could affect mussel and oyster culture and lead to site closures.
A hybrid concrete-plastic floating platform and its components have been validated for offshore wind energy use.
Residents in the Portuguese city of Porto get help making their own compost, and urban metabolism is analysed as an important tool in transitioning to a circular economy.
Tests reveal positive leaching results for aluminium and calcium from anorthosite, pointing to the rock as a key solution to sustainable aluminium production.
Researchers have taken the characteristic that’s usually an obstacle to the design of lightweight, reliable steel structures and turned it into a mechanism that makes the metal more resistant to hydrogen-induced cracking.
Current forecasting methods underestimate technological progress in energy technologies, predicting higher costs than actually observed, a new study reports.
Researchers estimate that actions to limit global warming to well below 2 °C would boost energy sector employment from 18 to 26 million by 2050.
An innovative mobile power flow control system installed in the Bulgarian transmission grid is increasing renewable energy penetration and improving cross-border flows between Bulgaria and Romania.
Concerned by heavy traffic conditions on their residential street, Cardiff citizens have used sensors supplied by an EU-funded project to draw local government attention.
Do Europeans really wash their hands after handling raw chicken? An EU-backed study takes a closer look at five European countries’ hygiene practices in the kitchen.
An EU Green Week partner event highlights circular economy-based solutions for a more sustainable aviation industry.
An EU-funded project makes it plain: batteries need to live longer than the Internet of things (IoT) devices they power. A position paper published by the project outlines the key actions to power IoT devices reliably and sustainably.
The Greek island of Tilos places 3rd in EU-sponsored renewable energy production competition and wins a EUR 100 000 cash prize for its innovative energy model.
A new partnership formed by three EU-funded projects is tackling European cities’ traffic congestion problems by shaping their urban airspaces.
How can work on offshore wind turbines be carried out in bad weather? Combining smart software with robotics maintenance can increase wind farm vessel working hours by 35 %, researchers say.
EU-funded researchers say chickpeas, fava beans, lentils and quinoa are ideal crops for cultivation in Europe and could help the shift towards a more nutritional, environmentally friendly and sustainable food system.
EU-backed researchers have developed a solution that can improve crop yields while reducing resource consumption for a more sustainable future.
According to a new study, the world’s plant communities are changing at least as fast today as they did when the planet was coming out of the last ice age about 11 000 years ago.
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