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miniatura Flensburg-Sandberg, Auf dem Campus. Erweiterungsbau mit neuem Leuchtschild der Europa-Universität Flensburg
miniatura The Juris Diversitas Conference 2014
miniatura The main building of Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany
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3. Talk of the town
There is a certain aura of genius attached to speaking languages. But multilingual­ism is not only the preserve of academic sand bookish linguists; plenty of European celebrities are also multilingual. Take foot­ball, a sport not traditionally associated with linguistic prowess, but which is replete with players who are fluent and articulate in several languages.
3. Get your document into shape
If your outline includes a summary, begin with that: you may find it is enough! Put it at the begin­ning because that is the first (and sometimes the only) part that people will read.
4. Youth mobility
Youth Exchanges help young people acquire important skills such as project management and teamwork. Such opportunities outside the school environment enable groups of young people to undertake a structured programme of activities (e.g. a mix of workshops, exercises, debates and role plays) in another country within or outside the EU for up to 21 days.
Applying for job
Follow the procedure for applying described in the job advert. Some companies ask candidates to apply with a CV and a covering letter. Others provide an application form that should be com­pleted fully.
Denmark - Sliced bread topped with prawns, trout and herbs
Smørrebrød med rejer, ørred og krydderurter INGREDIENTS (serves 4) • 2 slices of bread • 15 g of butter • 50 g of pre-cooked prawns • 1 teaspoon of fresh chopped herbs (basil, chives and tarragon) • 3 eggs • 1 clove of garlic • ½ a smoked trout • ½ a cucumber • Dill to garnish • Crème fraîche to taste
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