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miniatura Московский педагогический государственный университет
miniatura Universitaet Hannover Hochhaus Appelstraße
miniatura La Sapienza - Engineering faculty at Via Eudossiana, Roma (Italy), 2007
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4. The language of opportunity
Learning a new language - like learning music - requires some effort but is enor­mously rewarding, and the journey can be as enjoyable as the arrival, as anyone who has embarked on this road can tell you.
9. Beware of false friends, jargon and abbreviations
False friends (or faux amis) are pairs of words in two languages that look similar, but differ in mean­ing.
5. Staff and youth worker mobility
If you are a teacher or you work in an enterprise, you can teach at an institution abroad, gaining new professional perspectives, widening your networks and helping to modernise and internationalise Europe's education and training systems.
How to prepare for living abroad?
Adapting to work in a foreign environment is a skill in itself A person who works for a time in Spain, Romania and Sweden, for example, has learnt to adapt to different cultural patterns and knows how to work best and to cooperate with people there. These are very valuable skills. Someone working in a Latin country such as Italy, for example, would get used to managing flexibility, so when someone says '5 minutes’, they know that this may not be the same as 5 minutes would be to a German.
Lithuania - Fried pike with horseradish sauce
Kepta lydeka su krienų padažu INGREDIENTS (serves 4) • 1 kg of fillet of pike, cut into 4 or 8 portions • 100 g of flour • 2 eggs • 100 ml of milk • Breadcrumbs • Lemon juice • Salt • Vegetable oil • Gherkins and dill to garnish • Horseradish sauce: 100 g of horseradish, 100 ml of double cream, salt and sugar
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