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miniatura University of Bristol - Cabot Circus in Bristol - student accommodation on Bond Street
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New approach for energy-efficient buildings
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems account for approximately 35 % of the total energy spent in residential and commercial buildings. New nanotechnology will significantly reduce this massive energy use.
4. The language of opportunity
Learning a new language - like learning music - requires some effort but is enor­mously rewarding, and the journey can be as enjoyable as the arrival, as anyone who has embarked on this road can tell you.
2. Learner mobility - Students in higher education
Study periods: Students can spend from 3 to 12 months studying at a university or college in another country. Traineeships: Alternatively, you can do a traineeship in a workplace abroad lasting from 2 to 12 months.
Competence interviews
A growing number of employers are conducting competence-based (also known as structured or situational) interviews. These have proved to be very effective in predicting future job performance and are more objective than unstructured interviews.
Networking the sky with new aircraft communication technology
Air transportation is expected to at least double by 2050. Coping with these needs and the resulting overcrowded sky requires top-notch communication technologies — but the sector is not quite ready yet. The SANDRA project set out to improve aircraft by means of a coherent digital architecture.
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