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miniatura Bâtiment de recherche (Christiaan Huygens)
miniatura Universität Basel
miniatura Bibliothèque universitaire de l'Université Bordeaux-Montaigne
Air-sea gas exchange impact measurements could improve climate predictions
Scientists explored the interaction between the tropical Indian Ocean and the atmosphere to gain better insight into climate change triggers.
5. Investing in language
Some individuals learn a language for purely practical purposes. 'I learnt French for strictly professional reason sand as a means of communication with the inhabitants of the country I live in,' explains Angel, a Bulgarian IT specialist who lives in Belgium.
3. Mobility in vocational education and training (VET)
Mobility abroad can help young people in vocational education and training to gain the skills needed for today's competitive employment market.
Applying for job
Follow the procedure for applying described in the job advert. Some companies ask candidates to apply with a CV and a covering letter. Others provide an application form that should be com­pleted fully.
Multi-chip electronics platform eliminates aircraft hydraulics
Scientists have established the feasibility of all-electric actuation of flight-critical aircraft control surfaces. Removal of bulky hydraulic systems will lead to reduced costs and emissions for a more competitive and eco-friendly EU aerospace sector.
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