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miniatura Universität Zürich
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7. As easy as A, B, C ...
Many people are put off learning a language because they have the impres­sion that it will take them a lifetime to learn all the words and grammar.However, evidence suggests that, with the right approach and motivation,most people can pick up at least a basic command of a foreign language.
2. Learner mobility - Students in higher education
Study periods: Students can spend from 3 to 12 months studying at a university or college in another country. Traineeships: Alternatively, you can do a traineeship in a workplace abroad lasting from 2 to 12 months.
Preparing for an interview
Interview culture is as varied as the number of companies and organisations on the market. Find out as much as possible about the process in advance. Do you need to take documents, prepare a presentation or undertake psychometric, practical or other tests as part of the interview? How long will the process take and who are you likely to meet?
Italy - Pigeon risotto
INGREDIENTS (serves 4) • 2 pigeons with giblets • 300 g of risotto rice • Rosemary and sage • 200 ml of beef stock • Olive oil • Salt and pepper
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