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miniatura Universität Oldenburg - Campus Wechloy
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miniatura Greifswald - Alte Unibibliothek und Dom
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2. How and where can I learn a foreign language?
Choose your approach. There are so many different methods and approaches to learning, including classroom learning, self-study and telephone courses, immersion courses abroad, virtual learning and more. Choose the mix that suits you.
9. Beware of false friends, jargon and abbreviations
False friends (or faux amis) are pairs of words in two languages that look similar, but differ in mean­ing.
1. Erasmus+ - Introduction
Erasmus+ is a unique programme which seeks to boost the job prospects and personal development of young people, as well as help our education, training and youth systems deliver teaching and learning that gives people the skills they need in today's labour market and society, as well as in the future.
Preparing for an interview
Interview culture is as varied as the number of companies and organisations on the market. Find out as much as possible about the process in advance. Do you need to take documents, prepare a presentation or undertake psychometric, practical or other tests as part of the interview? How long will the process take and who are you likely to meet?
United Kingdom - Lancashire hotpot
INGREDIENTS (serves 4) • 800 g of lamb shoulder • 2 lamb kidneys • 500 g of potatoes • 250 g of onions • 25 g of butter • 150 ml of beef stock • Salt and pepper
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