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miniatura Московский государственный университет инженерной экологии
miniatura Vysoké učení technické v Brně
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1. Tips
Whether you are a novice or an advanced learner, there are always things, other than attending language courses, you can do to improve as a language learner. Drawing on the experience of teachers and other learn­ers, here are some useful tips and tools.
3. Get your document into shape
If your outline includes a summary, begin with that: you may find it is enough! Put it at the begin­ning because that is the first (and sometimes the only) part that people will read.
4. Youth mobility
Youth Exchanges help young people acquire important skills such as project management and teamwork. Such opportunities outside the school environment enable groups of young people to undertake a structured programme of activities (e.g. a mix of workshops, exercises, debates and role plays) in another country within or outside the EU for up to 21 days.
Where to look for a job?
Look for job adverts published on the Internet, in newspapers, at employment offices and with private recruitment companies. Don’t forget to check the EURES job mobility portal too. A company’s own website may contain details of vacancies, or they may use an external recruitment agent to conduct an initial screening of candidates.
Czech Republic - Bohemian dumplings
České knedlíky INGREDIENTS (serves 4) • 500 g of wheat flour type 1050 (‘polohrubá’) • 3 to 4 eggs • 500 ml of milk • 1 packet of yeast or 100 ml of beer • 60 g of butter • Water, nutmeg and 1 teaspoon of salt
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