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miniatura Anglia Ruskin Unviveristy - David Building is home to Anglia Law School
miniatura Università politecnica delle Marche (Ancona), facoltà di economia e commercio, palazzo caserma Villarey.
miniatura Universität Oldenburg, Zentralgebäude
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2. How and where can I learn a foreign language?
Choose your approach. There are so many different methods and approaches to learning, including classroom learning, self-study and telephone courses, immersion courses abroad, virtual learning and more. Choose the mix that suits you.
3. Get your document into shape
If your outline includes a summary, begin with that: you may find it is enough! Put it at the begin­ning because that is the first (and sometimes the only) part that people will read.
4. Youth mobility
Youth Exchanges help young people acquire important skills such as project management and teamwork. Such opportunities outside the school environment enable groups of young people to undertake a structured programme of activities (e.g. a mix of workshops, exercises, debates and role plays) in another country within or outside the EU for up to 21 days.
Working in another EU country
Labour mobility is important as it helps to balance the job market. For example, areas of high growth may struggle with unfilled vacancies, while in other regions there may be persistently high unemployment Europeans keen and willing to move abroad to live and work - or even to commute across borders for their job - can help to redress this imbalance, while reaping all the benefits that being part of another culture can bring.
Lithuania - Fried pike with horseradish sauce
Kepta lydeka su krienų padažu INGREDIENTS (serves 4) • 1 kg of fillet of pike, cut into 4 or 8 portions • 100 g of flour • 2 eggs • 100 ml of milk • Breadcrumbs • Lemon juice • Salt • Vegetable oil • Gherkins and dill to garnish • Horseradish sauce: 100 g of horseradish, 100 ml of double cream, salt and sugar
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